cheer and jeer

i couldn't help it. i had to show you punkin's halloween costume! a version of that picture is also going to be our Christmas card. you know - the 2 birds with 1 stone kind of thing. not that i'd ever try to kill a bird with a stone, or any other object for that matter. unless it was trying to peck out my eyes or something. anyway, i digress.

one of my best friends is moving 3 hours away. it's funny how you really don't know what you've got until it's gone. we don't hang out on a regular basis. we talk on the phone rarely. we email each other a lot and we get together for meals/drinks on a monthly basis (or so). so, it's not her constant presence in my life that will be absent. i think that it's the fact that i won't be able to call her up and meet for lunch on a whim.

i am happy for her. she's the one that just got married. she landed a job in austin, so they're going to start their new life together up there. it's just so weird. a small group of us have been close-knit friends for close to 10 years now (some of us even longer). it almost feels like a betrayal - not one that would make you mad, but one that would make you sad.

so, make time for your friends. you never know when they're going to move to austin and make you sad.

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