i am so high, i can see heaven

today was my last day at my job. i am comfortably numb about it, and this concerns me. i worked there for 2 years and absolutely loved the work. i also loved my co-workers. so why am i not moved at all about leaving? is it shock? maybe it hasn't sunk in yet.

my living room is filled with junk from my office. i get to move all of that stuff into my new, yet temporary, office here in my town. man, i am not going to miss the commute at all. i've whittled down a 45 minute commute to about 7 minutes. can't beat that! i've also got a lead on a prime office space to share with my former supervisor, who is a PhD. that kinda gives me an edge because my fees are cheaper than hers.

i am still a little scared, but i know i am in good hands and wherever He wants me to be, i will go. that's a win-win situation.

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