irritating technology

technology is such a mixed blessing. on one hand, it's cool to be able to send an email across the country in 2 seconds. it saves on postage, telephone charges, and time. the internet is a plethora of information that can be quite useful. just about anything you need to know is at your fingertips.

on the other hand, people are abusing email. i get several spams a day telling me how to make my penis larger...ummmmm. and then my good-intentioned friends are sending me all these political emails about bush and kerry - like i care or even want to know. then you have the voodoo emails. you know the ones - you have to send it to at least 10 people in the next 15 minutes or you will die a horrible death involving rabid monkeys. even the religious ones are getting like that! they're riddled with guilt-inducing phrases like "if you don't pass this on, then you must not love God." like God has anything to do with email.

then there's the internet. lots of information is to be had, but can you trust half of it? it also would be easy to get confused researching something because of all of the differing opinions out there. i miss books. i miss looking through the index trying to find what i am looking for. i miss those afternoons at the library, trying to be studious. the time you "save" using these technological wonders just frees you up to work more anyway.

ah, well. maybe the answer is just to find a balance...and a good spam filter.

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