on the rag

i was watching the totally untwisted ending of wb's superstar usa when a commercial caught my attention. it was an ad for a feminine hygeine product...with a quieter wrapper.

maybe i am just an open book here, but most adults know about menstruation. especially most women adults. so what's the big deal if you are making lots of noise opening a tampon wrapper in the ladies' room with other women present? are you going to come out of the stall to find them laughing and pointing and saying that you're on the rag? i doubt it. i hear a lot more offensive noises in the bathroom than a tampon wrapper and so far no hilarity has been made of those. (at least not to my face...)

i can see being a teenager and still thinking that the world revolves around you - so you don't want to be noisy about it. but this commercial did not seem to target that audience. ladies, tell me...am i just weird? are you self-conscious about wrapper noises?

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