it should be monday

this morning, things went wrong. i woke up too early for my taste because of a pain in the right side of my face. my jaw hurts, is swollen, and I can't close my mouth. maybe this is God's way of telling me to shut up. i surfed around on webmd and diagnosed myself with TMD. i am good at diagnosing myself. when i was taking abnormal psych, i had every mental disorder listed in the DSM.

i got out of bed and walked into the living room to find giant piles of cat vomit in several places. i tried to clean them up, but it just wouldn't come out of our quality 8 year old, cheap ass carpet. i wasn't too upset about that since we are about to replace it anyway. but it still looks nasty.

then, i went to feed the cats and put fresh water in their bowl. while trying to put the bowl on the floor, i accidentally knocked it against the windowsill and dumped half of it on my cat's head. the other half went all over the floor. i had to laugh as i was cleaning it up because the cat was making very creative noises. i went and made up with her and then decided i better sit down.

we are about to leave to go visit my dad for the weekend. i think i should be in a straitjacket until tomorrow.

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