everyone is stupid (not you)

i have been called an elitist on more than one occasion. i would even agree to that at times. but i don't think that i am smarter than everyone else. it's just that other people tend to be stupid.

the person who calls me up at 9:30pm on a sunday wanting me to go party with her is stupid.

the person in front of me going up the parking garage ramps that stops dead in the middle of the driveway so he can look around for an open space by the elevators is stupid.

people that think there's no 13th floor in a 16-story building are stupid.

i have done and said my share of stupid things. but this is not something i strive for, unlike other people. yeah, people should be like me. if everyone were as cool as me, the world would be a perfect place. so be like me and don't be stupid.

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